YouTube increases short videos, they will arrive in separate tabs

YouTube introduced the appreciation of short videos under the name of YouTube Shorts and wanted to be seen as a response to TikTok, to further increase this form of entertainment and for users who want to use them and creators who want to monetize them.

For this reason, Google started with a more aggressive form of monetization and is now working to make this content more visible on all platforms where YouTube is present. In this sense, it introduces many interesting changes, in which the short content will no longer be presented in the same tab as in the channel pages, but in a separate tab. But this change will not only serve to highlight short videos, it is also intended to lighten the user interface that has become too confusing.

And so we can talk about a really inexhaustible user interface that use both the web version and the pattern, in which we will soon discover three separate sections : one dedicated to the classic videos, one linked to the short ones and another to the vital ones. The change was shared by the TeamYouTube profile on Twitter and posted on the support page (under SOURCE).

This is how the new tabbed division of Youtube is described.

  • pants tab : Here you will only see memories. When you view the shorts in the shorts feed and access the creator channel from the feed, you will be redirected directly to a new tab to continue enjoying the shorts.
  • live tab – In this tab, you will find all streams, including those that are currently active, scheduled, or archived
  • Graphics card : Continue hosting long content

According to Google The update will start to take place in a few hours. and in a few weeks the new cards will be available on all supported profiles and platforms. .

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