Twitter backtracks: there is no other sign and turns to the world of credit

The future of Twitter is very uncertain and information platforms now follow one another on a daily basis, especially since Elon Musk has finalized the acquisition of the social network and has become its new owner. Also, enough Less than 24 hours What the second sign It went from representing the path to Twitter now in the effort of chaos, to being would be completely removed .

Yes, because, as we found out from the official Twitter program and from Esther Crawford, who announced the arrival of a new service yesterday, the service could make it possible to distinguish certain official accounts from completely deleted fake ones. Twitter has confirmed that he is still actively looking for work the solution to the problem created by Musk’s decision to share a verified user’s identity with anyone They have a subscription to Twitter Blue for $8 per month. Of course, these words are not used, but that’s the main thing.


-Esther Crawford (@esthercrawford) November 9, 2022

In a subsequent tweet, Crawford highlights his current status on Twitter: nothing is safe anymore and many attempts will be made in all directions until the right formula is found, leaving behind the corpses of all trades that have been tried in the meantime. Finally, if you are a fan of the soul genre, you know what Twitter will become in a few months. platform around the concept of making mistakes and trying again until you get a satisfactory result .

There are no sacred cows in the Twitter product anymore. Elon wants to try many things, many will fail, some will succeed. Our goal is to find the right combination of changes to ensure the long-term success of the health and growth of the business.

-Esther Crawford (@esthercrawford) November 9, 2022

Meanwhile, Musk had a meeting at Twitter Spaces where he laid out his ideas for the future of the ad platform (hopefully it lasts more than a day). It seems to have emerged among the novelties i is the intention of the social network to complete a real solution platform that allows users to send money to others and social media creators to stop spending.

The basic idea is very similar to the one that governs the operation of PayPal, that is, connecting an external bank account to move money on the platform. It could also be extended to provide debit and credit cards in the future, as well as other financial services, but it’s too early to discuss the details at this time.


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