TIM launches Black Friday: free smartphone when buying a top of the range

TIM anticipates the start of Black Friday with the release of new promotion 2v1 Thanks to this offer that will last for the next three weeks, customers who purchase a smartphone with TIM will receive a second smartphone free of charge The promotion, in fact, allows you to get two smartphones for the price of one by buying a top of the range and receiving an entry-level smartphone at no additional cost. Learn here the details of the initiative launched by WEATHER On the occasion of black Friday

TIM launches Black Friday offer: 2 smartphones for the price of 1 with the new 2×1 promotion

Buying a smartphone with TIM is more comfortable during Black Friday From this week and the next three, in fact, the 2×1 promotion will be available. This initiative allows all users who choose to buy a smartphone with TIM di get a second smartphone for free The mechanism is very simple. When you buy one of the select models smartphone (essentially a high-end Android), you will receive a second smartphone, of the same brand as the main smartphone, free of charge.

The smartphone provided for free will be a low-cost device. Among the packages mentioned by TIM during the presentation of the promotion, we find the possibility of obtaining a galaxy a13 choose to buy one galaxy s22 (including Plus and Ultra variants) or a Galaxy Z Fold4 or one Flip Z4. For whichever you choose xiaomi 12t pro however, there will be a Redmi 9AT. Among the options available, there is also the possibility of purchasing a Motorola Edge 30 Neo and get one motorola e22 free.

In all the smartphones offered in the promotion it is possible to obtain a additional discount thanks to the promotion TIM re-evaluates smartphones which provides for the return of a used smartphone when buying a new model. For all the details about the smartphone models and the respective costs, you can check the TIM website or go directly to the store of an operator.

Offers to switch to TIM during Black Friday

The new 2×1 promotion can be a great incentive to switch to TIM during Black Friday. For new customers interested in migrating to TIM, it is possible to prioritize the following offers:

  • tim wonder five : unlimited minutes and SMS 70GB in 4G at the price of €7.99 per month the offer is only available with number portability by virtual operator
  • tim wonder six : unlimited minutes and SMS 100GB in 4G at the price of €9.99 per month the offer is only available with the number portability of a selected virtual operator or Iliad
  • Tim 5G smart energy : unlimited minutes and SMS 50 GB in 4G and 5G at the price of €14.99 per month the offer is accessible to everyone

To activate one of TIM’s new offers, you must have online activation what guarantees first month and activation free s in all of the above offers. The procedure to follow is very simple. Just login to page of offers that you will find in the following link and select the source operator. The system will automatically direct you to the most advantageous offer to activate online (thus benefiting from the promotion with activation and first month free).

Once the activation is complete (the SIM will be sent to the user’s home in a few days), you can go to a TIM store and take advantage of the 2×1 promotion to buy a new smartphone and get the second one for free. More details about TIM offers are available at the following link:

Activate one of the TIM offers from 7.99 euros per month

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