Samsung launches Wi-Fi Calling: how it works and which Galaxy are compatible

samsung announces feature release Wi-Fi calling for your Android smartphones, allowing you to make and receive calls over your Wi-Fi network. allows you to take advantage of Wi-Fi, ensuring call continuity when changing mobile networks. Let’s take a look at how it works, how to enable it, and which models currently support it.

Samsung announces Wi-Fi Calling: how it works and how to activate it

The new Wi-Fi Calling feature is very simple to explain: it allows you to make or receive calls while connected to a Wi-Fi network, continuing the eventual transition from the 4G cellular network to Wi-Fi (and vice versa) without the user. You don’t have to do anything as everything happens fully automatically. Switching is managed based on specific signal level thresholds to avoid too frequent switching between VoWiFi and VoLTE, and continuity is also ensured by the fact that Wi-Fi calling technology works on the same infrastructure .

Service is on by default and it does not require you to do any configuration or download any additional applications, since it is fully integrated into the A 5.0 user interface based on android 13 that has already reached many models of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets in recent weeks.

Samsung Wi-Fi Calling

No change to basic network services: Wi-Fi calling supports, for example, call waiting, voicemail, and calls to emergency numbers. It allows an optimized management of the coverage inside the buildings by the operator in areas with little cellular coverage and the consequent optimization of the quality of the voice service.

Samsung Galaxy models that support Wi-Fi calling

For now, Samsung only offers Wi-Fi calling on Samsung smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S22 Series , which consists of the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra, but the technology will be available on additional models soon. The service is being activated for compatible carriers (such as WINDTRE), so it may not have reached everyone yet. We will keep you informed about the compatibility extension: keep following us.

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