Razer Wolverine V2 Pro: “pro” controller for PS5 for 300 coins!

Razer Wolverine V2 Pro It’s official: The new high-end controller, in direct competition with products like Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Wireless or Sony’s DualSense Edge, is primarily designed for Sony’s PlayStation 5, but is also compatible with PC. If you have the latest generation of Japanese consoles and are looking for a “pro” gamepad, this may be the right choice for you as one of the key types; Analog sticks are offset like on the Xbox, instead of the symmetry as always on original Sony controllers.

Among other things, the relics need to be replaced: in the package there are two large and concave, and two more traditional, short and convex. They are magnetically attached to the body of the controller. In addition to the typical PS5 controller keys (with DualSense touchpad), it has a Razer Up to six programmable buttons are added — Four (two on each side) on the lower body and two (one on each side) near the back buttons. On the back there are also buttons to switch from wireless to wired mode and from PS5 mode to PC mode. It can also accommodate travel triggers.

To fully utilize the power of the controller (especially the six programmable buttons) it is necessary via dedicated Android or iOS devices ; Interestingly, the connection between the controller and the device is done via Bluetooth, but only for management purposes; after all, the Wolverine V2 Pro cannot be used as a normal Bluetooth controller. It’s also possible to adjust the RGB lighting via the app, naturally using the Razer-developed chroma protocol.

Unsurprisingly, Razer promises very high-quality switches and very low-latency wireless connections (Razer Hyperspeed 2.4 GHz protocol, USB-A dongle); especially the directional “cross” is eight way instead of four, and “mecha-touch” switches recreate a user experience more akin to mouse buttons than gaming.

The Razer Wolverine V2 Pro will hit the market in early 2023 with deliveries starting on December 31. Pre-orders are now open; and in Italy, the price – be prepared – €29.99 more than half of the complete PS5 console. Sony will be offering the official DualSense Edge for almost a full month, still costing $70 to $50 less.


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