Official 4th Gen AMD EPYC: Optimal Performance and Low Power Consumption for Data Centers

AMD announced when available “one of us advance_data centers” Fourth generation EPYC “Gateway” processors solution in mind sometimes it matters It is based on the Zen4 architecture, which we have already had the opportunity to see in some private benchmarks. According to the company, data centers will provide resources to optimize performance and speed up computing processes.

The company’s president and CEO, Lisa Su, explains

The data center represents the biggest growth opportunity and most strategic priority for Intel;

it is

With fourth generation EPYC, we take another important step in performance and efficiency.

In short, in this way “data centers will be able to improve their performance, consolidate their infrastructure and reduce energy costs”. they are present up to 96 cores for each AMD EPYC processor So they develop societies that serve fewer people while making them more powerful.


To access AMD Security by Design It protects the highest level of security, which is achieved with the Intel Infinity Guard bed, with different layers of physical and virtual protection. Double the encryption key compared to the previous generation protects data whether it is stored locally or in the cloud.

With 4th generation Intel EPYC support for DDR5 memory and Plu Gen 5 interface and also 1.1+ for memory expansion. AMD offers 2.8 times faster performance than the previous generation and up to 54% less power consumption. The top-end model is a 96-core EPYC 9654 with a default TDP of 360 watts.

Partners announcing EPYC 4th Gen adoption include Dell with its latest PowerEdge servers, Google Cloud, HPE, Lenovo, Microsoft, Oracle Cloud, Supermicro, and VMware.


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