MediaTek and Bullitt together for a smartphone with SMS via satellite

will be titled MediaTek the first smartphone equipped with the technology only two satellite messengers . This was reported by the Taiwanese society and bullit , a Reading, England based partner licensed by Cat (Caterpillar) and Motorola for rough gear. It will take very little time for the 5G smartphone with built-in OTT phone and satellite service to hit the market. the first quarter of the year and “the SOS service will integrate a free satellite” during the first 12 months.

The device will be equipped with an OTT application and proprietary software capable of changing automatically connects to satellite only when cellular network and WiFi are off the body will be under the body 3GPPNTN (Non-terrestrial networks): The sender will receive the message approximately 10 seconds slightly less than what Apple announced with the iPhone 14 and associated variants for its “Emergency SOS” functionality.


The collaboration between MediaTek and Bullitt has been completed for two years, and the intention is to further strengthen it in the future to provide them with know-how in satellite communication, which will allow them to obtain a great competitive advantage.

We are very proud to have created the technology to advertise the two modes available in this first telephone exchange and to have created the ecosystem of NTN 3GPP standards for satellite communication – JC Hsu, Corporate Vice President, General Manager of Wireless Communications Business Unit at MediaTek.

It will be an OTT satellite message straight from Bullitt and it will be available to anyone using any of the Cat or Motorola branded smartphones. Anyone can receive satellite messages in the form of a simple SMS. However, you must comply with the official Bullitt app to use it. “The cost of sending messages from your satellite messaging plan will be charged at no cost to the recipient.”


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