Libero and Virgílio’s emails are still down, what’s wrong?

Surely many of you have noticed, since the night of January 23, therefore, between Sunday and Monday, The Libero and Virgilio messaging services stopped working ; holders of an email account on the platforms in question are therefore cut off from the world for more than 24 hours.

Libero and Virgilio’s emails are still not working, possible hacker attack?

If in the last hours you have tried to connect to any of the services mentioned above, you will receive a message informing you of the failures in progress, also trying to reassure you: the failure is due to an internal problem. from the corporate data center and, once resolved, will result in no data loss to users.

Libero and Virgílio's emails are still down, what's wrong? oneLibero and Virgílio's emails are still down, what's wrong? two

As mentioned, the issue has yet to be resolved and several users are unable to access their email accounts, fearing that something more behind the story is also appearing on the horizon.

colleagues from day D in fact, they report how, in the first hours of the riot, the welcome message to customers was different from the current one, which you can see in the images above; exactly that would have been removed a passage where the possibility of bad services being linked to a hacker attack was categorically excluded :

This is only an internal technical issue, which means that we categorically rule out potential hacker attacks and our users’ data, which is their most valuable asset, is not at risk.

Removing that part of the post is not a good sign, for God’s sake it could also be a corporate strategy not to alarm users with the use of the words “hacker attacks”, but if this was included in the initial version of the message left, why remove it later?

In any case, if you are a user of the Libero and Virgilio email services, you don’t have many options at the moment, you can only wait for the disservices to end and your email account to work again, move your fingers and wait. In fact, it is all due to an internal problem that will surely bring much less trouble to the users.

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