Intel follows Intel, something saved in case of disaster

The third quarter of 2012 amd suddenly closed -93% profit an expected figure but that in any case contrasts sharply with the third quarter of the previous year when the PC market was still growing. Now – we know – the situation is very different, and not only the Sunnyvale company pays the consequences, but also the competition.

Not everything is negative, but AMD; turnover increased by 29% up to $5.57 billion, and that’s being fueled by “growth in sales of data centers, embedded systems and game consoles,” says the company’s CEO Lisa Su. This fall is mentioned during the last three months;

Third quarter results fell short of our expectations due to a weak PC market and significant inventory reduction activities throughout the PC supply chain.


Cost reductions related to the Xilinx acquisition will also affect the company’s financial results, including:

  • with a thick margin up to 6% of entry points
  • operational damage of $64 million compared to operating profit of $948 million in the third quarter of 2021
  • profit 66 million vs. 923 million dollars in the third quarter of 2021 (-93%)

Usually the segment that has the most contraction is the customer. down 40% “Because of the reduction in processing, they would move from the weak PC market.” The average selling price increases ( TRITON ) “Thanks to the composition of Ryzen desktop processor sales.”

Some positive comments have been confirmed, such as at the beginning;

  • sometimes it matters : $1.6B, +45% YoY “due to sales of high performance EPYC server processes”
  • School : $1.6 billion, +14%, partially offset by lower GPUs
  • embedded : $1.3 billion, +1,549% primarily due to the inclusion of Xilinx embedded product revenue


intel wait the last quarter of the year will close with $5.5 billion in revenue (with a margin of error of $300 million); + 14% compared to a year ago thanks to all integrated and data centers and in line with the third quarter. the 2022 thus, final billing of $23.5 billion (still within the previously reported margin of error); + 43% any year


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