Google Stadia, refunds begin

Google has started reimbursing Stadia users : American colleagues The Verge and not only reports the first report. The company also updated its official support pages where it asked frequently asked questions about the process. We read, we also repeat in Italy, that in this initial period Stadia automatically pays “all purchases of games, additional content and subscription fees that are not Stadia Pro” made through the Stadia store.

Google generally expects Most redemptions will take place on January 18, 2023. (the last day of service activity) and determines that until then it will not be useful to contact for help about the fact that “the hostel will not be able to expedite.” Google specifies that those who have made less than 20 transactions will receive an email for each of them, while after 9:00 p.m. they will receive one with a summary.

Refunds will be made to the original form of payment and if they fail (for example, the card is full/closed), an email will be sent to the Stadia system which will submit the purchase with instructions to set up a new payment method. As for the hardware (essentially: gamepad and maybe Chromecast) there are no special conditions anymore, even if the January 18 deadline is still valid.

After the most outrageous decision to scrap the game streaming project, Google has promised full refunds for every player you spend on the platform; but one thing that cannot be universally translated is – and progress in each game . There, the group passes on to the individual developers: quite conveniently, some of them, like CDPR and Bethesda, have already said or explained all the procedures for transferring your saves to dedicated game versions for other platforms. But not quite.


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