Google releases Android 13 QPR1 as a stable version for Pixels

Just under a month after the release of Beta 3.1 of android 13 QPR1 here is the development team Google Finally, the release of the stable version of the robot’s operating system began, respecting, however, the time of the update.

The launch occurs, as planned, at the same time as the arrival of the december drops brings to Pixel smartphones, plus security patches of the month, many news that we told you yesterday in dedicated article

The announcement comes a month after the 3.1 beta that followed the Beta3 less than two weeks after its release. Well now all registered users of android beta program you will receive the stable version of the update with the possibility to unregister without risk of data loss.

After installing the update announcement android 13 stable QPR1, Pixel smartphone will show construction TQ1A that will allow the user to “unsubscribe from the beta program without deleting the data,” explains Google itself.

This step, recalls Big G, is very important because, in fact, the user has a period that begins with the update to the stable version of Android 13 QPR1 and lasts until “the week of December 12” to opt out of android beta program If nothing is done, by deciding to remain registered in the program, the Pixel will receive Android 13 QPR2 Beta 1, restarting the beta cycle and thus leaving the window of time to exit the program, avoiding data deletion.

How to update to the stable version of Android 13 QPR1

The update has a size of 2.94MB on Pixel 7 Pro and is available in mode OTE For all beta program users who own one of the following Pixel smartphones: Google Pixel 4a Y pixel 4a 5G pixel 5 Y pixel 5a pixel 6 Y pixel 6 pro pixel 6a pixel 7 Y pixel 7 pro

If you have manually installed the update files up to now without signing up for the beta program, you will not receive the OTA update notification.

To install it, you will need to register your smartphone in the Android Beta program by visiting the devices section, clicking “Sign Up”, agreeing to the terms of the program and clicking “Confirm and register”.

Once complete, you will be notified that a new software update is available.

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