Google Clock is updated with new graphics

google clock It’s not among the Mountain View giant’s apps that receive updates more frequently, but from time to time, even its team of developers has something new to present and a confirmation of version 7.4 of candidacy

With this version, which we have already talked about in recent days with reference to the introduction of a privacy shortcut, Google developers have also made some graphical changes.

Some minor cosmetic changes to the Google Clock app

At the moment, the application interface expects the user to handle the Snooze and Stop functions for alarms with a single touch (left and right respectively), but it seems that the developers have decided to use this version to test a new solution (available only for certain users), based on two separate keys and in pill form.

Here’s an example of the old interface and one of the new:

It’s not clear when this new system will roll out to all users, but it seems more intuitive and immediate than scrolling.

And again, in the Settings menu, in the Alarms item, in the “Volume buttons” section added a new possibility “Do nothing” by adding volume control, snooze or stop.

google clock

Finally, one has also been introduced with this version of the app. Graphic redesign of the timer interface. with the already available elements moved to better fit the screen.

According to the old and new interface:

How to download new versions of the application

If you want to download the latest available versions of Google Clock (currently version 7.4), check APK Mirror, whose page dedicated to this application is available below this link.

The Android app is also available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded using the following badge:


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