Apple TV+, Ted Lasso S03 and five new series coming soon

Last night, just hours after the arrival of the new MacBook Pro and Mac Mini with M2 Pro and Max chips, Apple announced several new features for its TV Plus streaming service. third season of the acclaimed comedy series marcus lasso or this source with the first image in the set. It’s supposed to be the last time.

Also, there are as many as five packs for the new series. Here is the list;

  • Contraction . The comedy series will star Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother) and Harrison Ford, created by Bill Lawrence (known for creating Scrubs, Ted Lasso, Cougar Town and many more). It will tell the sad story of a psychoanalyst, played by Segel, who begins to break the rules of his profession and tells his patients exactly what they are doing both in the patients’ lives and in their own disorder. The first episode will arrive on TV Plus on January 27.
  • Hello morning! . The series will star Billy Crudup (recently seen on The Morning Show), who will tell the story of a marketing manager with an idea to revamp his team: aftermarket seasons and cash on the moon in a retro-futuristic setting. The first episode will air on February 17 on TV Plus.
  • big door price . It will be a comedy series that tells the story of a small American town, where one day a mysterious machine seems capable of revealing its true power to anyone. More will hit TV later this year.
  • an unwitting guest (Trip with Eugene Levy). The eighty episode travelogue will feature actor Eugene Levy who is nothing short of a travel enthusiast. The first episode will arrive on TV Plus on February 24.
  • very dear edward . There will be a drama series on the novel of the same name by Ann Napolitano. It will tell the story of Edward Adler, played by Colin O’Brien, one of the survivors of the plane crash in which his entire family was traveling. TV Plus will arrive on February 3.


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