Apple releases iOS and iPadOS 16.1.1: bug fixes and two security issues fixed

released the lake version 16.1.1 me* iOS Y ipad OS , a “minor update” that fixes only a few bugs present in the previous version. also fell macOS Ventura 13.0.1 also in this case an update that fixes two security vulnerabilities.

How to install

This version includes iOS, iPadOS and macOS compatible with all devices compatible with iOS 16 and macOS Ventura and it can be installed in OTA mode, directly through the corresponding menu in the system settings.

Requires installation on iPhone and iPad at least 20% charge remaining or better yet, stick with the plan with a major update. It can also update under 5G networks if the feature is enabled in settings.


The official iOS and iPadOS 16.1.1 update only says “update bug fixes and security updates”. Regarding security, two issues have been resolved; see CVE-2022-40303 and CVE-2022-40304 respectively Reported by Google Project Zero team members.

However, bugs that are not fixed with this release are specified. And in recent weeks there have been many reports about the gods. wifi problems which are often sporadically disconnected from the network, both in use and on standby. This minor update will probably fix that issue as well.

Also in macOS Ventura 13.0.1, in addition to the “bug fix” type, they refer to the resolution of two security vulnerabilities that, like iOS and iPadOS, “could allow the app to crash or execute arbitrary code.” by a remote user. Apple recommends that all users install these updates. for added protection.

iOS and iPadOS 16.1.1 will follow 16.2, currently in beta testing, which will bring the new Freeform collaborative app, hardware support, new app architecture, full Stage Manager support for external displays on all models. with SoC M1 or M2 and other features.


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