Analysis of the iPhone 14 Plus, sale of autonomy

Since the release of iPhone 14 plus last September, Lac de facto Mini model replaced in width which is not really reused in this series of products. A choice that may seem prodigious: to replace the smaller extension model with the same dimensions as the Pro Max, but the contract was not requested. Therefore, De Cupertino decided to reverse the paradigm, offering users a product with a larger screen, but without most of the specifications of the Pro models.

The iPhone 14 Plus offers a 6.7-inch screen, the same size as the Pro Max and a more than interesting autonomy. Compared to the Pro Pro, the dynamic island is still available, the latest Apple A16 Bionic SoC, a 120 Hz refresh rate and even the camera is missing. Soon, There are plenty of exemptions, but the price probably won’t be much lower. . Will it still be enough? What are the strengths? I’ll tell you in a few lines.


Finally, one like that we have About the maximum size of the iPhone 14 Pro but substantially known technical gamma base; in short, one could say an enlarged iPhone 14 . The material and design is the same as the base model, without a steel body, replaced by aluminum, and probably less resistant glass. This results in significantly less weight than higher models. The iPhone 14 is more lighter than 14 Pro Max but still better than iPhone 14 Pro* although these are smaller.

Then the balance stops. 203p not few, however, but distributed in great numbers, much less than they thought. The thickness, however, remains the same as the little brother, since we are talking precisely 7.8mm

And yes Does not change the design. the dimensions, the shape and the position of the speakers, the various physical buttons and clearly also the Lightning connector and the SIM tray remain exactly the same. The car, which can accommodate a Nano format card, with dual SIM functionality, which was then believed to be a possibility described in the second form of eSIM.

In fact, large measures have advantages and disadvantages. We have certainly found the beginnings of this Not exactly ergonomics at the top. The iPhone 14 Plus is a bit slippery, a property that certainly does not make it easy to use by hand, which is not recommended. The smartphone is too big and reaching the extreme corners of the screen while holding it like this is very difficult. Always, or almost always, to hold with two hands

Apple iPhone 1471.5 x 146.7 x 7.8mm
6.1 inches – 2532×1170 pixels
Apple iPhone 14 Plus 78.1 x 160.8 x 7.8mm
6.7 inches – 2778×1284 pixels
Apple iPhone 14 Pro 71.5 x 147.5 x 7.85mm
6.1 inches – 2556×1179 pixels
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 77.6 x 160.7 x 7.9mm
6.7 inches – 2796×1290 pixels

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Speaking of benefits, we certainly can’t ignore the screen size. Having such a range of options available can be a big reason for someone to prefer it to the base model. In fact, there is no doubt that enjoying the contents of this video screen is an absolutely satisfying experience. For the most part, though, it all comes down to taste, but if you like these kinds of screens, don’t consider them underpowered.

So putting size and weight considerations aside for now, I can still tell you that it’s too IP68 certified that registers the resistance to water and dust. It’s not new, but it’s good.

set up

I mentioned the question of dimensions a bit earlier, but I can only devote a separate chapter to it. obviously i’m talking about The screen measures 6.7 inches. The external oblique muscle must offer a resolution of 2778×1284 pixels. The commercial name attributed to it by Apple is Retina XDR, but basically it is a OLED classic with deep blacks and bright colors but without exaggeration.

We are dealing with a tablet that shares some features with the Pro tablet models, but that obviously has to give up some particular features due to the lower price of the product. But the screen is still excellent, in his opinion, the Typical maximum luminance is around 800 nits what will happen 1200 peak . It’s clearly not the 14 Pro Max from the 2000s, but it convinces you that you can still see the best of the outdoors and notice a noticeable difference just by putting two products in a row in extreme conditions.

As is Apple tradition, we have a table that is also very accurate in its color reproduction. Report Delta E is less than 3 for gray and color with full coverage of the sRGB color space and more than 80% for DCI P3. In short, it is still a very good board, also readable from the outside and certainly comparable to many alternatives in the same market segment.

as we said some deviations are compared to the “Pro” tables and materialize in the refresh rate which is only 60 Hz, as well as in the lower brightness. which we have already talked about. So a bit of fluidity is desired, more so than watching movies and streaming movies in the apps and management interface, which are always responsive, but don’t offer the sense of fluidity found in previous models.

The audio sector, meanwhile, remains in the lead Which sits at the top of the category like the 14 Pro Max and then listening to them it’s hard to tell the differences, so much so that I’m pretty sure they’re the exact same set. speakers The volume is very clear, but above all the quality is really good. Audio quality, which is also very good for calls, incoming and outgoing with the speakerphone, which sits on the speaker and delivers clear sound at a very high volume.


And we’re still talking about splitting the media divide You’ll come There are two, placed diagonally like on the iPhone 14 and then equipped with a 12 megapixel sensor . If the ultra wide-angle camera retains exactly the same elements and features as the previous year’s model, the main camera instead of the brand incorporates a new sensor and a slightly clearer perspective.

But when he said there was a rumor about the two solutions are really worth it in which we find all the marks of the shooters. There is an improvement from last year but, as I guessed from what I just said, not so much thanks to the renewal of the material as to the new. photon engine . I review the new post-shot image processing that we have already proven effective in the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Basically, compared to the process used previously, the Photonic Engine intervenes earlier, when more data is available to improve the shots.

Daytime images are very good, both for the camera and for the ultra wide angle. The colors are vivid without being exaggerated, the contrast is good and the masking intervention allows to obtain a lot of details without excesses and to create false images without risk. Also good speed and good focus and excellent white balance which is good between the two cameras. Individual things are not always easy to achieve with other people.

In the evening, or in some cases in the presence of low light, the situation changes a bit, although it is useful to make a judgment to distinguish between photographs with low available light and really critical ones. In the first case, the shots are more than enough, the iPhone manages to give good performance with adequate reflections and also handles the use of ISO well, with a very delicate sound and a well-balanced background. But on the other hand, when they are light enough, defects stand out much more clearly, noise increases and details are rendered. much more to spread. These are the flaws that we obviously see the most in the ultra wide angle, but, at least, they are also noticeable in the main camera.

Also The camera front has received an update? and the results we get when photographing this module are absolutely good, in all conditions. Among the features that we liked the most is, without a doubt, the complex rendering, but also the image mode that returns the subject in detail and does not apply too much blur. Among the different styles, the portrait is still the best.

There is also the possibility of shooting videos up to a maximum resolution of 4k at 60 fps . As always, iPhone videos have the best quality for rendering and image stabilization. Even this model, which is not the largest, continues to guarantee excellence in this regard, so much so that it can easily be considered one of the best solutions on the market in this field. Finally, there is the Action mode, which activates exceptional stabilization and allows you to shoot like an action camera, although limited to a maximum resolution of 2.8K at 60fps.

Performance and Autonomy

Ok, but the performance of the camera, especially when it comes to shooting video in cinema mode or ProRes, could not be such without the help of the SoC levels. Inside this iPhone 14 Plus, Apple didn’t use the same chip as in the Pro models, but we do have an updated version of the A15 Bionic that appeared in the entire iPhone lineup of the year. An update that still allows slightly higher performance with the introduction of a new GPU with one more core than last year.

Nothing to be ashamed of, but enough to guarantee the best level of performance and absolutely in line with high-end smartphones on the market. In daily use, if we limit ourselves to considering the speed of opening the apps and their management, you will not notice the difference compared to previous models of the environment. The only reason the 14 Pro and Pro Max will look better to you is because of the screen’s refresh rate. The board with the Pro Motion of the previous versions, in fact, makes everything fluid, which translates into a feeling of greater smoothness and comfort of use. The desire not to have a 120Hz panel is more important in this situation than when it comes to enjoying video content.

That said, I’m more than sure The iPhone 14 Plus does not disappoint you even when it comes to multitasking . It keeps 4-5 open applications in memory depending on the amount of resources requested by each one, but also the transition to “closed” is still fast. And, on another positive note, it almost never gets hot. At one point I felt a bit more heat on the top of the back cover, it was when I set it up and started using it with hundreds of apps dropping one after another.

It’s not even a question of connectivity and reception . iPhone 14 Plus receives good signal It connects quickly and gets it without problems, if it also happens to me that I meet other people with the same operator in unattended areas and on the contrary I can send and receive messages.

I will also dedicate a few words to the manifesto of the program. iOS updated to version 16 at launch . We know the operating system itself very well and we also know what’s new in this latest version. But you also have to keep in mind that non-Pro models don’t have Dynamic Island and they don’t have Always on Display either. Such characteristics are probably not decisive, but it is always correct to point them out and take them into account during the purchase period. The good news, as always, is Apple’s seamless upgrade support for the next 5 years.

And finally, a report on one of the aspects that has most caught my attention about this iPhone 14, autonomy. The battery in terms of capacity has not changed since the Pro Max versions but from there, however, autonomy was increased . Probably thanks to better optimization, a process that consumes less energy and also a slightly less bright screen. The thing is, even with heavy use, two days of battery life can be covered. Without a doubt the iPhone with the longest battery life of all those tested so far, and even better than many Android devices; it does not appear if we count the 6.7 inches of the screen.

Nothing changes in terms of charging, but there is no charger in the package and with the 20-25W electronic charger the battery charges perfectly for about an hour and a half.


So who is this iPhone for? A natural response would be: who wants an iPhone with bells and whistles without spending money on the Pro Max . But is the gap of 300 euros that has widened it from the iPhone 14 Pro Max enough to think about this purchase? It is indeed possible, but we must also take into account the claim at home of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which is certainly not the latest model, but is still worth more and that is now, the new list of about 1,200. . The list price of the 14 Plus is 1,179 for the 128GB version, but it’s already available online, including on Amazon, for around 1,000 coins.

Here we say this figure, if you need a smartphone with great autonomy, even if it is a bit out in terms of camera and screen quality, this iPhone 14 Plus cannot be considered. Or, if a big screen is a must for the situation, you can go for the Pro Max models, even the previous generation if you want to save some money.

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSESexcellent autonomygood sampleLightweight despite its sizemanufacturing qualitynothing 90/120Hzthe photos are not very cleara little punishment

VOTE: 7.9

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