A pillar came to announce the safety of the battle.

When we talk about electric cars, we usually talk about them battery duration and how much autonomy is lost over time battery capacity will be reduced . Also, knowing battery safety information is important when considering opening an electric vehicle.

As we know, to tune the engine, some specific programs or applications are mainly used that communicate with the car through the device connected to the OBD socket.

And if the diagnosis refers to the safety of the ball lifted off the train who to bill It seems that it will soon be possible, according to SK Innovation, thanks to the joint work of its partners. SK On and SK Bookmark .

How does it work?

SK In and SK Signet will work together to develop special stations. Specifically SK Bookmark he will make pillars collecting battery data while SK is on he will take care of the software to analyze the received data. The two companies plan to introduce a new service next year to allow users to check the remaining capacity of their batteries by charging their electric vehicles through the SK Signet station.

How will this diagnostic system work? According to reports, when the user connects the electric car to the SK Signet Fast column, the SK On BaaS (Pull as a Service) analysis technology I measure the state of the battery. But as a diagnosis it won’t take 30 minutes standby while recharging from 50 kW DC column. Times are reduced when recharging to higher powers.

The diagnosis result will be displayed on the screen of the column and in the specific dedicated application. An interesting project that will allow electric car owners to find out in a simple way the state of health of their car’s battery. This new column will be presented at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. Therefore, now you will be able to find more.


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